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Posted: June 15, 2017 at 7:26 am

A Hardware Update for the Human Brain

The Wall Street Journal wrote an interesting article about upcoming business ventures in neurotechnology. Neurotechnology as some of you may know is the merging of technology, neuroscience, and neurology. Quite a few techies have a more vested interest in the field including the likes of Elon Musk and Bryan Johnson, not the former singer of AC/DC. As of now most neurotech companies are spending a majority of the research in medical applications and are hoping to chase the potential multi-billion dollar market. With my own hearing seemingly on the decline, I can sleep soundly knowing that potentially I won't have to have some hulking piece of equipment on my hear, but inside my skin.

To see how far we have to go, you need only look at attempts to use a wireless implant to reconnect a monkey's brain and limb after the animal's spinal cord has been severed. In an experiment conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, scientists used an implant to create a wireless connection between a monkey's brain and a battery-powered stimulator in its paralyzed leg, allowing the monkey to walk again.

"I consider this to be the most important thing we could be working on in the human race,"Johnson says. He's convinced that cognitive enhancement from neurotech will unlock radical progress in every conceivable field. "The brain is the master tool," he says. "Everything else is downstream: health, climate science, governance, education, love-everything."


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