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Posted: June 18, 2021 at 7:14 am

A Futuristic Amusement Park and an Ecological Power Plant: 16 Unbuilt Competition-Winning Projects Submitted to ArchDaily







This weeks curated selection of Best Unbuilt Architecture highlights competition-winning projects submitted by the ArchDaily Community. From art museums to memorials, this article explores cultural functions and commercial spaces, and presents projects submitted to us from all over the world.

Featuring commercial spaces that honor the historic architectures of Ukraine and Romania, and a public plaza inspired by the topography between the coastal line and the urban square of Uskdar, this roundup explores how architects have designed monumental structures that cater to the needs of the public while respecting the surrounding topography. This round up also includes a collection of competition-winning proposals in Spain, China, Thailand, India, Israel, Iran, Kosovo, and Hungary, each responding to different contexts, spatial needs, and geographies.

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Read on to discover16 curated projects showcasing museums, memorials, andoffices all over the world, along with their descriptions from the architects.

Tamirci Architects

Competition: Bursa Atatrk Sports Hall National Competition Rank: 3rd Place

+ 204

The Bursa Atatrk Sports Hall Competition proposal makes a neighborly relation with The National Garden in the south. The main subject that is prioritized is to conceal the structural installation inside of the defined green context. Considering the structural density of the residential texture close to the competition site, it is critical that the state of concealment makes a contribution to the urban occupancy-vacancy balance by dissolving the competition site boundaries and integrating them with the periphery.

NG Architects

Competition: OPAL AWARDRank: 1st Place

+ 204

Office building as a second home is an issue that I want to mention it. By considering the presence of users in their working place in most hours of the day, I have achieved a different quality. Design of this building delivers an environmental concept to the observer. If we want to consider the whole volume as a rectangular cube with a concrete shell, wood in the form of ivy is rotated on the faade from inside the cube.

Mayslits Kassif Roytman Architects

Competition: National Architecture CompetitionRank: 1st Place

+ 204

The Academy of the Hebrew Language selected Mayslits Kassif Roytman Architects, a leading Israeli architecture firm, as the winner of a national architecture competition. The new academy's plot, nestled in a spectacular natural setting, forms part of Jerusalem's National Cultural District, also home to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), The National Library, Israeli Museum, and the Hebrew University.

Pongpol Puangniyom x Mah Yi Jun

Competition:2021 TRAA competitionRank: 1st Place

+ 204

The idea is to reconstruct an infamous abandoned building Sathornue Unique Tower to a new affordable and sustainable community to provide a good living environment for low and middle class residents. Francine also gives a feedback that it is a good idea to design an abandoned building. The main street around the building creates an unique appearance and travel flow for the building and this project is not only a residential complex but a vertical village which fulfils the daily demand of nowadays human being.

Ashish Dalal andPratibha Christy

Competition: ArchmelloRank: 1st Place

+ 204

Looking back, the ancient educational system in India included spaces for active pub-lic interaction leading to layers of interconnected gain which in turn formed a sense of ownership within the community. It incorporated spaces such as open arenas, cultiva-tion lands, and collaborative workshops that could be utilized for the needs of the im-mediate community around the GURUKUL.

Tuungoo Arquitectos

Competition: Ames Design ContestRank: 1st Place

+ 204

FAAHO206 aims to generate a dynamic social and cultural center, strengthening the sense of neighborhood while meeting the needs of the younger population. The liberation of the ground plane allows the volume to stand as an urban landmark. Thank to it, a large public space is developed over the entire plot to host outdoor activities while enjoying impressive landscape. Over it, the multifunctional center is organized in a compact and stratified volume, with highly flexible spaces that look to adapt to future uses.


Competition: Lviv Grand Hotel CompetitionRank: 3rd Place

+ 204

Due to the fact that the building has a commercial purpose, the static balance of the long facade building is energized by the diagonals of the suspensions for vertical landscaping as sun and noise protections. Horizontal cornices are complemented by massive vases with a relief stone surface. Lower part of Doroshenko Street is devoid of landscaping, so the sides of the houses, which are created from the deepening of the red line, are used as planes for vertical landscaping.

Leers Weinzapfel Associates

Competition: Hsinta Ecological Power Plant Construction Project Conceptual Design International CompetitionRank: 2nd Place

+ 204

This plant in a park balances clean energy production with wetland protection and educational, cultural, and recreational resources for a growing region. Three rising organic forms contain turbine halls and stacks. A ring of supporting workspaces define an oval precinct with a service courtyard, and a surrounding park features wetlands and mangrove islands. Dune fields offer elevated views to the landscape and activities. A recreational basin along the canal edge provides dune field landfill and connects to the nearby harbor.

Metapolis, Studio Ana Horhat, Atelier Mass

Competition: East Park CompetitionRank: 1st Place

+ 204

Our design proposes different island environments linked in one park as a unifying landscape. These islands are bordered by water which regulates the perfect life conditions for flora and fauna and protects them from intrusion. The proposed water network works as communicating vessels between the different habitats. Regulated by water these habitats will balance themselves offering resilience and guaranteeing a good dynamic for the whole landscape ecosystem.

BIVAK studio Ltd.

Competition:Budapest Student City- Big Market Hall and its surroundings architectural design CompetitionRank: 1st Place

+ 204

Budapest South Gate quarter and the Student City within the neighbourhood is designed to cater for a large variety of needs by optimally using this unique location by the river branch. Its service mix includes supporting large-scale sporting events, the everyday life of its student residents, as well as providing recreation opportunities for a wider audience who live in the surrounding urban districts. The masterplan envisions an integrated development that shall provide a footprint for future urban transformation in Budapest during the upcoming decades.


Competition: International Consultation on Planning and Design of Chongqing Amusement ParkRank: 1st Place

+ 204

Natural Futurism of Chongqing connects citizens and nature, history and future, to form a peoples park on a dramatic hill with fantastic views to Chongqings river and skyline. The winning masterplan of MLA+ and Deloittes rediscovers lost qualities of nature, creates convenient access to the extreme topography, and proposes cultural, touristic and everyday destinations with a sound business case


Competition:Nanchang Poly Grand Theatre CompetitionRank: 1st Place

+ 204

Situated south of the city by Jiulong Lake, the theatre and art centre is set to become the cultural hub and landmark of the new urban development zone. The building is expected to be completed in 2024. The main functions of the 35,000 m2 building grand theatre/opera hall, multifunctional theatre, and educational and exhibition facilities are broken down into three separate volumes, circling each other like fish in a pond. Following the typology of a traditional Chinese village, this creates a variety of indoor and outdoor streets and plazas that allow the free flow of people in and around the building.

VTA Architects

Competition:Competition of memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and ATO SoldiersRank: 3rd Place

+ 204

Memorial complex has a dominant resembling a shape of the wings sweepingly flying up. It is a symbol of Revolution of Dignity spirit and of memory of fallen Heroes souls, which will always be engraved on our minds. This shape also resembles an arrowhead. It embodies determination, striving of Ukrainian people for development and public response speed, especially of students, who first came out on Maidan.


Competition:Konkur stanbul | Commemorating Mimar Sinan in skdarRank: Honorable Mention

+ 204

Even though Istanbul and bosphorus have this extraordinarily charming effect on people especially, at first sight, we can easily say that it could not be compared to any epic fairy-tale-land illustrations of bosphorus from the last two centuries. The peak aims to greet this, to commemorate a unique person of history, Architect Sinan the Great who has designed a magnificent amount of buildings around the world, and especially in Istanbul, that has changed the way of understanding and maintaining the city and its culture. Even today, architects are learning from his works. This legacy of sinan has created a valuable history and topography for the city that strengthened the epic silhouette of the city for centuries. In that manner, The Peak, a new public ground for the city, shapes a new sculptural topography and experience in between the coastal line and the urban square of Uskdar, as the eighth hill of Istanbul in the memory of Sinan.

Janne Hovi

Competition: Architectural Competition for the Sara Hildn Art MuseumRank: 1st Place

+ 204

The winning proposal to the international architecture competition for a new museum building for Sara Hildn Art Museum. The building continues the tradition of high quality masonry construction of the surrounding historical area in the center the city of Tampere.

Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., LTD (CSADI)

Competition:: International Competition for Conceptual Design of Hangzhou E-sports Ecological Park and E-sports StadiumRank: 1st Place

+ 204

The project is located in Hangzhou Xiacheng district, which is the first stadium in China to meet the official standards of the Asian e-sports Games. It will fulfill the functional requirements of e-sports competition, training, leisure and entertainment for Hangzhou E-sports entertainment town. The site is enclosed by urban ground roads, high-speed rail lines, and elevated expressways. The surrounding traffic is extremely complicated. The e-sports stadium adopts the method of sinking, by introducing the flow of people and traffic through the basement space, which effectively breaks through the shackles of the complex traffic conditions around the site.


We highly appreciate the input from our readers and are always happy to see more projects designed by them. If you have an Unbuilt project to submit, click here and follow the guidelines. Our curators will review your submission and get back to you in case it is selected for a feature.

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