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Posted: March 28, 2020 at 1:46 pm

Were beginning to see theeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic, including across the technology industry. More than three million unemployment claims were filed in the United States last week, the highest ever (the previous record, 700,000 claims, occurred in October 1982). As cash-starved startups shut down and businesses everywhere recalibrate to the new reality, its natural for technologists everywhere to be concerned about the employment landscape.

Even as many industries contract, theres still a pressing need for technologists who can do everything from keep cloud infrastructure running todesigning e-commerce portals. Millions of employees working from home will mean that systems engineers, business analysts, and product managers must recalibrate companies operations to deal with new, widely dispersed teams and networks. Technology is more vital than ever as the world (and the global economy) wrestles with this crisis.

As a result, companies are still hiring for many technology roles, including the following. These are the top positions on Dice at the moment; click through to see whats available and where:

Its okay during this uncertain time for technologists to be worried about virus-related layoffs. Indeed,new survey data from Blindfound that57.1 percent of surveyed technologists feared layoffs due to COVID-19.Some 24.9 percent of surveyed technologists are looking for new ways to supplement their income, and 40.2 percent believe it could take anywhere from six to 12 months for life to return to normal.

If youre unsure of how to adjust to this new reality, perhaps its time for a brief refresher on best practices forremote workandvideo conferencing, since those are key to the way most of us will work for the foreseeable future. And if youre on the hunt for a new job, take the time to give your rsumand other materialsa quick polish. Times are stressful, but well make it through!

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31 Technology Job Positions Hiring During the COVID-19 Crisis - Dice Insights

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