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Posted: November 17, 2019 at 2:46 pm

Seeing photos of beautiful blue waters and white sand is enough to make anyone dream of taking a vacation. For many people, the Caribbean Islands are a dream destination because of the untouched wilderness and sandy shores, and its all about deciding which location is best. Not only are all these destinations Instagrammable, but they also offer the opportunity to unwind and escape. Theres also no shortage of things to do, places to explore, and even shopping opportunities. Grand Cayman is known for its duty-free shopping experiences, and Antigua has hundreds of soft sandy beaches. If youre planning your next vacation, or need a romantic trip away, these are some of the best Caribbean Islands to visit.

The islands of Turks and Caicos are a British Overseas Territory, located southeast of The Bahamas. The location has become a favorite for travelers who want to experience some of the worlds most beautiful beaches without the crowds. There are plenty of things to do, with top attractions including scuba diving and snorkeling. Those who arent fans of water activities can enjoy a round of golf, or explore one of the local art galleries. The Turks and Caicos Islands also hold events, including a Christmas Carnival and an International Film Festival.

VISIT: Turks and Caicos

The Cayman Islands comprises of three islands, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. Each island offers something different, depending on your preference; Little Cayman is a chance to experience untouched wilderness and relax on secluded beaches, and Cayman Brac is rugged yet charming. It is Grand Cayman, which ultimately has the most things to do, whether thats enjoying the vibrant nightlife, or eating fresh fish at one of the restaurants. Relax on the award-winning Seven Mile Beach and soak up the atmosphere, or head to the shops. Fashion lovers will be pleased to know that shopping here is duty-free, and provides an opportunity to buy prestigious brands, including Versace and Rolex. Expeditions can be taken, with highlights including trips to Bodden Town, Rum Point, The Turtle Centre, and The National Museum of the Cayman Islands.

VISIT: Cayman Islands

Go snorkeling, diving, or enjoy the turquoise waters and soft sand of The Bahamas. The area comprises of 700 small islands, which are spread out over 100,000 square miles, with some of the more well-known islands including Ragged Island, The Exumas, Rum Cay, and Long Island. Visitors travel here for many reasons; an activity-filled family vacation, a honeymoon to remember, or an opportunity to be pampered. Wherever guests choose to visit, they wont be disappointed! There are several eco-tours that visitors can go on to learn more about the biodiversity of the island. From exotic plant life to fantastic bird sites where travelers can marvel at the bright colors of these stunning creatures. There is no shortage of beaches either, including family-friendly areas, and those that are more secluded.

VISIT: Bahamas

Saint Lucia is a small island of volcanic origin, located in the Caribbean Sea. The land is rich in minerals and soil and has rainforests, mud pools, and sulfur springs. Visitors can hike through the area, or focus their efforts on the water adventures such as scuba diving and taking a kayak down the Roseau River. The island gives travelers the chance to experience many things, and there is also much to learn. Saint Lucia is a place with a diverse history and a mix of cultures, and these influences can be found throughout the island. There are ancient archaeological sites to explore and iconic landmarks like the town of Soufrire. We also need to mention the animal life, and the area is home to beautiful birds, some of which are rare and endangered, like the Saint Lucian parrot.

VISIT: Saint Lucia

St. Vincent and The Grenadines is not as crowded as some of the other Caribbean Islands, but it is just as worthy of a visit. Most of St. Vincent is a rugged, mountainous landscape, and it is home to an active volcano called La Soufrire although there hasnt been a violent eruption for decades. The island is also home to dense forests, which is teeming with wildlife, and beaches with black sand. In comparison, The Grenadines have beautiful white sand and coral reefs that attract most of the countrys tourists. Avoid visiting the island in the period between June and November because this is when the destination is more likely to experience tropical storms and hurricanes.

VISIT: St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Antigua is home to a coral reef that attracts keen snorkelers and scuba divers who want to marvel at its beauty. Adventurous travelers can windsurf at Buccaneer Cove Beach, and those who want to see tropical fish can snorkel in the waters at Carlisle Bay Beach. There are hundreds of soft sandy beaches on the island, which are all open to the public. Those who want a romantic vacation or a chance to relax will be content with the islands natural beauty, but there are also plenty of things to do. Take an off-road tour with 268 Buggies, kayak through mangroves, or enjoy an early morning hike.

VISIT: Antigua

Jamaica is a country that is known for a few things; Bob Marley, the Reggae music genre jerk sauce, and beautiful beaches. Of course, there is so much more to this country than those things mentioned above, and Jamaica is a destination of diverse culture, friendly people, and energy. The dance, music, and art scene in Jamaica form part of the rich tapestry of the country. Those who love a good time will enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Visitors can also slow down and experience nature, soak up the sun, or enjoy a culinary tour. One of the unique places to visit would be the Luminous Lagoon, a cove that contains bioluminescent water, which makes you glow in the dark.

VISIT: Jamaica

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean country, and a destination worth visiting. Its also one of the more accessible destinations, located just two hours from Miami. Tourists will find a selection of top resorts where they can live in luxury, and taste some of the most exceptional food that money can buy. Excellent accommodation and gastronomy adventures aside, this is also a place known for its tropical landscape and warm climate, making a beach trip a must! The country rich in history and culture, with many locations for tourists to explore. Highlights include the iconic quarter, Santo Domingos Zona Colonial, the remote beach of Baha de Las guilas, and the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua.

VISIT: The Dominican Republic

The British Virgin Islands regularly finds itself on lists of the best places to visit in the Caribbean, although a trip here does not come cheap. Luxury resorts and villas attract travelers who are craving seclusion and privacy and dont mind paying for it. The area is also popular among boating enthusiasts, who enjoy sailing around the islands clear waters, and stopping at dive sites. There are several pristine beaches to enjoy, as well as natural sights to explore, such as Devils Bay National Park and The Bubbly Pool. Those with a sense of adventure can also island hop by taking a catamaran or yacht tour.

VISIT: British Virgin Islands

If you want romance, a girls getaway, or even a family trip, the US Virgin Islands are for you. You can spend time on St. Thomas, St. John or St. Croix, all of which have their appeal. St. John is the smallest island, celebrated for its charming landscape and natural beauty. St. Thomas is considered a cosmopolitan island with no shortage of things to do. Visitors can play golf, enjoy the nightlife, or go on the Skyride, which is 700 feet above the city. St. Croix is the largest of the islands and the perfect spot for a honeymoon. Top dining options and pristine beaches are standard, but its also a destination known for its art and culture. The islands are also a shoppers paradise, allowing a $1,600 duty-free allowance they use the U.S. dollar as currency.

VISIT: US Virgin Islands

Bermuda is undoubtedly one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. It is also a country that relies heavily on the tourism industry, and thankfully, its not hard to convince travelers to visit. There are many unique experiences to be had, fantastic places to stay, and impressive beaches. Marvel at the beauty of the Crystal Caves, home to fascinating formations, thought to be millions of years old. There are also hiking and biking trails for the outdoor enthusiast, as well as tennis courts and golf courses. For those who prefer a more relaxed vacation, the island has some exceptional luxury spas, including the Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Elbow Beach Bermuda. Bermuda focuses on arts and culture and holds yearly events, which promise to be great fun. These include the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts and Bermuda International Film Festival.

VISIT: Bermuda

Saint Barthlemy, or as its most commonly referred to as St. Barts, attracts people from all over the world, including celebrities. The exclusive island is an overseas territory of France, and as such, it is not surprising to find restaurants serving French cuisine. St. Barts is known for being a destination that is visited by those with deep pockets, and its entirely possible to rub shoulders with the rich and famous here. Although most people will be more concerned with relaxing on one of the islands beaches. Some of the beaches, like St. Jean, are well-known, while others like Grand Saline, offer more privacy.

VISIT: St. Barts

Adventure, beautiful beaches, and food rich in flavors, what more could you want? Puerto Rico has all this and so much more. The country is part of the United States Commonwealth, and America has influenced certain aspects of it, but Puerto Rico is also very much its own country. Its a vibrant place, and even the bold colors of the buildings reflect this. The island is bursting with culture, and there are museums, art galleries, and fantastic live music to experience. The destination is well-known for its energy and nightlife, which includes outdoor clubs and beach bars. Those who want to experience the outdoors can go on a guided hiking adventure to Cueva Ventana, or visit a rainforest park.

VISIT: Puerto Rico

Anguilla is a popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning natural landscape, clear waters, and sandy shores. Visitors can reach the island via ferry from one of the neighboring islands, or by plane from select airports. Once there, travelers can stay at one of the luxury resorts, or if they prefer can opt for a villa or apartment-style accommodation. The beauty of Anguilla lends itself well to weddings and honeymoons, and many loved up couples travel here to celebrate. However, its not just for lovers, and also caters to adventure seekers who want to go horseback riding or boating, and its perfect for families. Food options are varied, from casual eats to fine dining, and there is no shortage of arts and culture.

VISIT: Anguilla

Aruba receives the most tourists in the Southern Caribbean, and for a good reason! The island has world-class accommodation, beautiful white sandy beaches, and offers diving and snorkeling opportunities. The temperature is warm all year, making it an appealing destination at all times, but those who want to avoid crowds should go in low season; mid-April to mid-December. If you go between January and March, Aruba has Carnival Season, which is something that visitors dont want to miss. Expect to see bold costumes and decorated floats, while enjoying energetic performances and music during the vibrant event.

VISIT: Aruba

Those looking for more than a bit of sun will be charmed by Costa Rica. It is a country that attracts millions of visitors each year and depends on its tourism industry; it is a paradise for divers and is home to many unique plants and exotic animal life. In addition to the stunning natural surroundings, Costa Rica is also a culturally rich and diverse country. Local artisans have perfected their craft, and travelers will enjoy seeing these handmade pieces. Costa Ricans are also passionate about music and dance, including the creole swing dance. There are historical landmarks to explore, such as the Guayabo National Archaeological Monument, and when it comes to food, no one will leave unsatisfied! Farmers markets and organic fairs are great places for food-lovers to explore. Visitors can expect great meals, using a blend of local produce, and a range of different cuisines.

VISIT: Costa Rica

Experience Tropical life with a visit to the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe! The landscape of the archipelago is diverse, with everything from sandy beaches to rugged mountains. Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre are the main islands, but the smaller islands are also accessible with a ferry trip. Visitors can expect beautiful beaches, and plenty of water sporting activities, including windsurfing, and there are also exotic animals and stunning birds native to the area. The areas ethnic diversity has influenced culture, which is represented by landmarks and evolving music and dance. Guadeloupe also has an unmissable carnival, which takes place over the first three months of the year.

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