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Posted: August 20, 2020 at 6:06 pm

Netflix's The Old Guard was a huge hit in 2020's streaming summer season. But fans have some questions about the Charlize Theron fantasy-action movie.

Though the summer movie season was pretty much canceled in 2020, there have been some solid films available for home viewing. One of the most popular choices this year has been Netflix's action-adventure,The Old Guard.

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The film starsCharlize Theron as the leader of a group of immortal warriors who have been fighting for good in the world for centuries. The movie was a massive hit and there is already plans for a sequel. But with the complex worldbuilding and fantasy elements of The Old Guard, there are still a lot of burning questions that fans want to have answered.

Theron delivers yet another badass action hero role with her performance as Andromache, aka Andy. She is the leader of the small group of warriors who have been fighting wars all over the world for countless years.

Despite spending centuries together, the rest of the team still doesn't know much about Andy. They know that she was the first of their kind and that she had lost allies along the way, but exactly how old she is still remains a closely guarded secret.

Along with living extended lives, the warriors have concluded that they must also cut ties with the rest of the world so they can protect their secrets. However, even with their extra precautions, how could they have lasted this long without being noticed?

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We see Andy get accidentally photographed by some tourists at one point, so she borrows their phone and deletes the photo. Do they do that every time they pop up in a picture? Doesn't she know about the iCloud? It seems like a sloppy way of covering their tracks.

Despite the unlikelihood of it, the team was able to remain under the radar for hundreds of years. But while the rest of the world remains oblivious, a man named Copley was able to learn about them and their powers and track them down.

Copley explains that there were hints and legends of them throughout history which he pieced together. But how did he go from hearing ancient legends of immortal warriors to mapping their entire existence? Did someone nudge him in the right direction?

Nile is the audience's introduction to the strange world. She is a soldier who is attacked and fatally wounded in battle, only to wake up later to find that she is miraculously healed. Andy quickly finds her and recruits her to the team.

Being new to this, Nile still has a lot of reservations and grapples with how her world has changed. One of her biggest struggles is not being able to see her family. Though Andy told her the dangers of reconnecting with them, will she attempt to see her loved onesagain?

The movie has a lot of heavy lifting to do with establishing the rules of this world. One of the major ones is that while these warriors are currently immortal, it doesn't last forever. At some random point for all of them, their powers will fade, and they can be killed.

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This rule is firmly established, but there is still a lot unclear about it. The loss of power could be related to a new immortal emerging as Nile's introduction coincided with Andy losing her power. It's also unclear if the immortality can return once it has been lost.

In the explanation of Andy's backstory, we learn the tragic story of Quynh, the first immortal Andy ever met. Andy and Quynh were partners in many battles over the years until they were imprisoned by those who thought they were demons.

Quynh was given the horrific fate of being locked in an iron chest and sunk to the bottom of the ocean where she would drown over and over again for centuries. However, the end of the movie reveals that somehow Quynh escaped her doomed fate.

When the world gets wind of these people with incredible immortal powers, it doesn't take long for greedy people to look for ways of exploiting this miracle. Copley reveals their existence to a pharmaceutical company in the hopes of using their powers to cure illnesses.

Of course, the corporate villains are only interested in profit and torture the immortals, taking their blood and tissue samples. Though the team eventually breaks free and kills the bad guys, could their blood be used to create new immortals?

Booker is a member of the team who feels their life as immortals is a curse and he seeks a way to be freed. He betrays the rest of the team to the corporate bad guys in hopes they will find a way to kill them for good. He eventually redeems himself but is still exiled from the group.

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At the end of the film, Quynh comes to visit Booker, revealing herself to be alive. How did Quynh know who Booker was? What does she want with him now that he is exiled? Does she blame Andy for what happened and is seeking revenge?

Instead of living the lives of daredevils, the team has dedicated their incredible powers to fighting against evil and helping people all over the world. As it turns out, their random acts of heroism had an even bigger impact than they knew.

Copley reveals that through his research into Andy and her escapades throughout the years that whenever she saves the day, she ends up saving the life of someone who will go on to make the world a better place. How does Andy know which lives to save that will benefit the world?

Shortly after finding Nile, Andy discovers that she can no longer heal and she seems to have lost her immortality. Despite this, she is still a phenomenal warrior and managed to fight her way through hordes of bad guys and survive.

But at the end of the film, she appears to be staying with the team. Will she just fight alongside them until she is killed? Will she attempt to go live the rest of her days in peace?

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