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Posted: May 24, 2020 at 3:45 pm

Juan over at SwitchWatchTV has dropped a hot video for 10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week. There are some huge video games coming, but do not forget to check out Bug Fables, a brilliant Paper Mario-like RPG that will charm your butt off. Look for our review from Will Heath on May 28th! Enjoy Juans video below of 10 New Switch Titles releasing this week, or you can continue scrolling down to read it here on SwitchWatch.co.uk.

I am Juan Romero from SwitchWatch, and welcome to a colossal Nintendo Switch release schedule for the week ahead. Get yourself a drink maybe, check your bank account, and get ready, because no doubt cash is leaving the wallet this week. This is a wallet buster week, so lets get started and take a look at all these great games dropping on Switch. Maybe we should call it the Double Dipper week! Here are 10 New Switch Titles Releasing This Week.

May 26th16,74 $19,99 19,99

Minecraft Dungeons is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and is set in the Minecraft Universe. You can go solo or with a team of 4 online. There is treasure to find and loads of action in the varied levels on offer here all in aid to save the villagers and take down the evil arch-illager. I think this one will excite a lot of people in this game packed week. Is this one you are looking forward too? Little Miss fortune In a week like this it is easy for games like this to get a little lost but this is one I am looking forward too. An interactive story game which focuses on exploration and its characters. There is darkness here and choices have consequences. If you have heard of the video game Fran Bow which was created by killmonday games then this should be something to look forward too.. Certainly one I am going to pick up and

May 28th$24.99

An RPG with bugs and adventure, I am certainly up for something maybe a little different here. These 3 heroes are looking for treasure as they embark on an epic quest of immortality. When are RPG quests ever Unepic, there is a game called that which is actually pretty epic, I digress, Here we have platforming where you can explore using the characters unique abilities and also mixes in some turn based combat. I actually quite like the sound of this but with so many games releasing this week will this be lost among it all.

May 28th $29,99

Shantae is one of my favouite games to kick back and enjoy on my Switch and I have enjoyed all previous outings this now being the 5th instalment where she gains new Fusion magic abilities where she will be exploring a vast sunken city. Which is going to mean water and I love exploring sunken citys in games, always gets my imagination working overdrive, will their be sharks, dolphins some unknown creatures, anyways this is going to be her biggist adventure yet. This is going to be some week!

May 28th in America but was already available in EU 35,99 $44,99 39,99

For the singers among you lets sing 2020 allows you to sing solo or with up to 6 people in total with a wide variety of songs featuring Rita Ora, Queen and more and will allow you to buy song packs later on and even use your phone as a mic. This is not for me but I am sure this will be enjoyed by those aspiring singers or who just want to have fun singing with friends and family.

May 28th13,49 $14,99 14,99

Atomicrops had me looking as soon as I saw that the publisher was RawFury, always publishing some great indie games and this looks like it could be a winner with a mix of Stardew Valley and Enter the Gungeon. Thats a buy for me right there, then the visuals when I saw the trailer and the humor and my money has already left my account for a pre-order. Here the farm gets blown to crap due to an atomic bomb but you survive as you were lucky enough to be in the bomb shelter. Now you have all sorts of bizarre post nuclear pests to take down who want to eat up your crops. So you are a farmer and a killer and between all that you can even get married. I mean there is always time to get married right.

May 28th17,99 $19,99 19,99

Resolution is an indie which has a bit about it, I like the visuals style as soon as I saw it, here as an old killer you escort an AI through chaotic combat and solve puzzles. The future is fractured but it is one you get to explore to unravel its mystery.

May 29th 39,99 $49,99 49,99 EU

Well if you have not heard of borderlands by now then you have been missing out. Its been on other platforms and in this collection you get Borderlands: gameof the year edition, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Tre Sequel along with boatloads of added on content which amounts to over 100 hours of gameplay all off which can be enjoyed solo, two player split screen or 4 players online co-op, this really covers all basis. If you love shooters especially with a friend then no doubt this is one you need to pick up wether its a double dip or for the first time,we just cannot wait to play this on the move.

May 29th 39,99 $49,99 49,99 EU

Another massive collection from Take-Two interactive we have the amazing Bioshock which has Bioshock remastered, Bioshock 2 remastered and Bio shock infinite with all single player add on content included. If you have never had the chance to explore the undersea city of rapture then now is the time to do it because this is a fantastic FPS game and even now stands the test of time. Againa collection I cannot wait to get my hands on to play at home and on the move.

May 29th39,99 $49,99 49,99 EU

Lastly this week from Take 2 if 6 games was not enough they are relasing xcom 2, all on t he same day, I mean they could have spread it out a little to give our wallets some breathing space! This is an award winning strategy which can now be played on your Switch including all DLC and again is one we cannot wait to double dip on.

May 29th49,99 $59,99 59,99 EU

Xenoblade Chronicles comes in a wonderful Physical which I am sure Jordan will tell you about on Monday but another game dropping in this jaw dropping week of games. After the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is releasing after almost 10 years when it was first launched on the Wii U. Most of the English cast have returned to voice their parts and there is also a new adventure to take on too. The first game was already great and this remaster looks to be a most buy for any RPG fan.

Ladies and gentlemen that concludes this colossus episode for 10 New Switch Titles Coming Out This Week. What are you looking forward to playing and picking up the most? If you had to make a choice, which would it be from all of these? Let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this 10 New Switch Titles video and article. We hope it was helpful!

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