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Engineers, Architects, and Technicians are needed at this time to help provide competent Design Development Level drawing package (Phase 1). Moving forward, the Design Development Drawing and specification package (Phase 2) will be used to create full Tender/Construction documents (Phase 3) for what could be multiple Construction packages.

The below list of persons are urged to come forward with their own unique skill sets. The most urgent skill sets are listed in order of requirements with respect to the critical path Designated by Phase indicator:

Phase 1 System Planning (Design Development):

Phase 2 Structure planning (Schematic Design):

Phase 3 Tendering, Contracts & Construction:

Statisticians, scientists and any other technical specialists who feel their unique skills could be of use are also encouraged to volunteer.

We would like to reiterate that these unpaid voluntary positions are at this time to help advance this first project.

Note that knowing English and having consistent access to a personal computer with Internet connection are prerequisites to joining the team. Also, if you are a software engineer, please look at our volunteering opportunities on

To get involved, please submit the form below.

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Center For Resource Management | Resource Based Economy

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