Cyborg | Definition of Cyborg by Merriam-Webster

The news broke this afternoon that director Neill Blomkamp will helm Robocop Returns, MGM’s sequel to the original 1987 film that saw Officer Alex Murphy left for dead and turned into a cyborg who must come to terms with his own free will.

Thus, researchers at Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and Howard Hughes Medical Institute present DragonflEye, an insanely futuristic cyborg dragonfly that researchers can remote control.

Hes being hunted by Cable (Josh Brolin, Marvels current antagonist of choice), a cyborg from the future and a tough adversary.

There are the cyborg telemarketers, who sit in call centers playing prerecorded bits of audio to simulate a conversation.

Also, as Cyclops son (!), the time-traveling cyborg provides a handy narrative bridge to the rest of the X-Menwhich those mid-credits scenes toy with as well.

Right as the world is questioning our dependence on hiding behind social media feeds and algorithms, Mone is pulling back the curtain on her own cyborg persona.

Another new character introduced in the movie is Cable, the time-traveling cyborg played by Josh Brolin.

Now fiery with self-recognition and full of speeches (her own #MeToo moment), Dolores and her loyal comrades take vengeance on human and cyborg alike, setting off to affirm Dolores’s vision of a real world that lies beyond Westworld.

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Cyborg | Definition of Cyborg by Merriam-Webster

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