The Posthuman Project: Official Trailer #1 – YouTube

Posted: October 15, 2015 at 4:44 am

Indie Superhero Film: ‘The Posthuman Project’

With the heart of a John Hughes film and the energy of X-Men, ‘The Posthuman Project’ is a feature-length independent superhero film which focuses on the roots of the teenage experience, capturing that careful mix of invulnerability and powerlessness that only youth can conjure.

TAGLINES: Graduating from the human race. Unleash your inner hero.

With over a year and a half of work on the project, Emmy nominated director Kyle Roberts and crew have literally poured blood sweat and tears making this project come to life! Follow us for the latest stills and production updates!




Production Companies who made this film Possible…

Reckless Abandonment Pictures


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The Posthuman Project: Official Trailer #1 – YouTube

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