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Posted: August 1, 2017 at 6:07 pm

By: Eden Collinsworth

Morality is a personal set of beliefs, and you could say that its the core of who we are as individuals. Ethics is expressed in terms of the expectations and the sanctions that are defined and enforced by a certain culture and society.

Whats completely confounding today is that the world has never been so interconnected, but what we forget is that the ethical positions or decisions or expectations occur within a given period of time in a certain cultural silo.

That is why many of us are completely disconcerted by what we think is so obviously right and wrong when other people dont believe that. Quite honestly, the book that Ive written was the result of living in China for a period of timeand they are simply operating with a different set of moral values.

The perspective is not one from aJudeo-Christian sense of rightand wrong. Theyre far more philosophical and dont believe that theres any one way of beingright, and there are very few ways of being wrong. A business contract becomes extremely vague and amorphous even after youve signed it because theres a belief that its a continuation of a dialogue and not the culmination of one.

This led me to contemplate whether my own values were at all germane or applicable any longer in the US, as an American. I explored that question with a variety of other people in terms of the moral choices theyve made. Some of them have upheld the moral status quo, others have been defiant. From Technology and the Decline of Morality

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Technology and morality - Times of India (blog)

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