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Posted: August 2, 2017 at 9:10 am


Teachers from area districts are turning to technology to make learning activities more exciting for students and staff alike. Instructional Technology Specialist Cary Perales says, it's all for the third annual "Tech 2 Teach" conference held at Veterans Memorial High School.

"We have teachers that're on their break coming in to learn something to bring to their classroom to teach at a higher level," Teacher, Denis Wisner said.

Wisner is just one of nearly a thousand teachers trying to better their ability to educate, ahead of the new school year.

"Really it's to let our teachers get fired up about going back into the classroom and teaching our students those 21st century skills sets that they need," Perales said.

She adds, that the conference considers multiple ways of learning and bringing staff together.

"Getting to network with other teachers, they're getting to see all kinds of sessions integrating technology in the classroom."

Teachers like Emily Schellinger and Jenifer Martinez say, while technology is seeming taking over, some still like the old fashioned way of hands-on learning. However, students are still encourage to B.Y.O.D.

"It's very important for the students to come into the classroom and use their devices, here at Veterans we have BYOD, which is bring your own device and whether it's a phone or chrome book or a laptop the kids are encouraged to use it," Martinez said.

Overall, the goal is to keep the attention of easily distracted students, focused on fun, interactive learning tools.

More information: https://www.tcea.org/event/area-2-corpus-christi-technology-conference-tech2teach/

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Teachers embracing technology in the classroom - KRIS Corpus Christi News

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