Misconception about the Worlds Oldest Profession

Posted: March 10, 2015 at 3:41 am

Mary Ann Lim peels aways a widely believed myth shrouding prostitution in Malaysia and comes face-to-face with the grim reality of human trafficking.

The glamour, the attention, the praises, the popularity, and the ridiculously expensive items all the good things that come with money as a girl thinks about the benefits of her job while she strolls the streets of Kuala Lumpur with her brand spanking new Herms handbag.

Regardless of how much it cost her, it will be easy to earn it back. She sighs as she pulls out a Louis Vuitton purse to pay for her Starbucks Frappuccino; it will be another long night at work though.

Whats the catch? She sells sex in the back streets of Jalan Chow Kit for a living.

The scenario above is a huge misconception the common person has about prostitutes. For one, someone working in Chow Kit Road wont be able to afford a Hermes handbag.

This would be especially for a sex worker who works in Malaysia after having been cheated by an agent who promised her a good life here. A better life for a woman and the occasional man she may have here in our homeland when compared to the rural life they were plucked out from.

The subject of prostitution caught my interest when I read about high-class Japanese courtesans in the 17th Century who were sold to brothels when they were as young as five.

This then prompted me to look into what our country has to offer in the worlds oldest profession. I admit I was under the impression that prostitutes earned tremendous amounts of easy money, seeing as I lived quite a sheltered lifestyle for the past 21 years. That lifestyle didnt require me to venture out into dark alleys which housed dodgy hotels.

Imagine my utter shock and horror when I was walking with my mother to KFC one afternoon not long ago in my hometown. At the entrance of an old run-down hotel next to this popular fast food joint sat a couple of saggy old ladies.

Ma, whyre there aunties sitting there? Do people even book hotels like these anymore? I innocently asked as I whispered into my mothers ear.

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Misconception about the Worlds Oldest Profession

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