I Love Acid’s 10th anniversary compilation comes on a 303-shaped USB stick – FACT

Posted: February 28, 2017 at 6:32 am

Luke Vibert, Posthuman, John Heckle and more contribute to the 20-track compilation.

Londons I Love Acid party will celebrate 10 years in the game with a 20-track acid compilation, released on a 303-shaped USB stick.

As RA reports, the compilation features tracks made byacid-loving producers from across the globe, including Luke Vibert, Neville Watson, Jared Wilson, Hannah Holland, Mark Forshaw and John Heckle.

Pye Corner Audio, XXXY, TB Arthur and Posthuman also contribute to the compilation, which will be released in time for the partys 10th anniversary parties in April.

Launched in 2007 by Luke Vibert and Posthuman, I Love Acids first party was held at Londons Corsica Studios and has been a fixture at the club and expanded with parties in different countries.

Its 10th anniversary parties take place at Manchesters Hidden on April 1, Corsica Studios on April 7 and Barcelonas Moog on May 5. Tickets for those can be found here.

10 Years of I Love Acid will be available to pre-order from the Balkan Vinyl Bandcamp page on March 5.


01. Neville Watson Sweatbox 02. Posthuman Brand Loyalty 03. Mike Dunn No Chaser 04. XXXY Blup Blup 05. TB Arthur TB1 B1 06. Mystic Bill Revenge Of The Preacherman 07. Cardopusher Out On A Limb 08. Hardfloor 36 Chambers Of Kikumoto 09. dyLab Let Us Rise 10. Kerrie Eerie Acid 11. Jared Wilson Tracking 12. Hannah Holland Tweak feat. Josh Caffe 13. B12 Wobble Boarding 14. Mark Forshaw Hes Not There 15. Jozef K & Wintersun Hyggeacid 16. John Heckle Days Of Atlantis 17. Chevron CYPUPB~B 18. Luke Vibert Jeepers H Christ 19. Transparent Sound Dancing Eyelids 20. Pye Corner Audio Dead Ends

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I Love Acid’s 10th anniversary compilation comes on a 303-shaped USB stick – FACT

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